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Our Quality Management System

jingbo glass obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification standard early, the ability to meet customer requirements and applicable regulatory requirements of the product, standing on the consumer’s point of view, the company is customer-centric, to meet customer needs, to achieve customer satisfaction, not to induce consumers.

We offer our customers a one-stop services solution for custom design, packaging and accessories.

Conceptual Design

Create a glass bottle product that best fits your product and brand story

Decoration & Labels

Personalize your glass bottles with decorations that will make your products stand out from the crowd

Caps & Packaging

Provide the caps you need, we can manufacture a wide variety of aluminum, plastic, wood, and polymer caps.

Warehouse & Logistics

We have a dedicated warehouse, equipped with the position of storekeeper, ready to inspect your products.


Glass Decoration

In addition to glass bottle production and design, our team can also design and produce various decorative services items to realize your dream of differentiated glass bottles

How many decoration processes can I choose?

Very much! Iridescent effects, decals, 3D decoration, screen printing, foil stamping, embossing, paper labels, frosting, plating, etc.

Can you combine multiple colors?

Of course! We can design the labels as you like
To make your product fit the market demand, jingbo offers 18 glass color options (Super White Flint, Classic Amber, Yellow Green, Deep Black)

The benefits of glass bottle decoration?

Improve product appearance
Correctly communicate product information
Highlight the product image
Suitable for mass production

Jingbo glass aims to design new bottles for your brand, revitalize your brand, and optimize your offer. We have more than 260 series of design bottles with capacities from 50ml to 1750ml, so that customers can find in our design the one that meets the market demand.

Accessory supply

Caps & Packaging

Each bottle has its own unique cap, and the accessories are produced according to the drawing to make the bottle sealed better. Material can be metal, plastic, glass, cork, etc., the style is very much

There are also many options for packaging each bottle, individual wine boxes, finished cartons, and we have a factory that specializes in manufacturing cartons that can be printed to your design. There are also common pallet packaging (standard export pallets) according to the actual situation for combination packaging

bottle caps

Customization Expert

Luxury bottle high-end

Custom glass bottles

Collection of the hottest bottle types on the market, traditional bottle types are essential, and many original designs stand out among the traditional bottle types, occupying a large market with its differences

Storage and preservation of glass bottles

After the production of bottles is completed, we will arrange the handover work between the storage department and the transportation department, and it is our company’s advantage to deliver the bottles on time for our customers.

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