Vodka Glass Bottle

Customized Vodka glass bottle

This unique vodka glass bottle design will easily grab the attention of consumers and make your product stand out.

The streamlined silhouette and clean design are versatile and suitable for both casual and formal use. Both men and women can hold the non-slip round bottle, preventing the whiskey glass from sliding between hands.

Do you want to know the wholesale price of vodka glass bottles from China’s glass bottle manufacturers? jingo glass has different types of vodka bottles for you to choose from. Vodka is the most consumed spirits in daily life. People like to buy different glass packaging for vodka brands, flavors and types to find out which glass packaging best suits their taste preferences.

Our finished glass bottles are beautiful, elegant and pure. I made our empty vodka bottles of super flint glass material to ensure that the vodka retains its flavor and temperature and is safe for everyday use. This clear, cool vodka bottle features a six-pronged design , with a thick bottom, perfect for vodka packaging options and presentation.

Let’s see how this bottle is produced


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