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jingbo factory wholesale glass bottles, currently we have 8 production lines in our factory with a daily production capacity of 400,000 glass bottles. We accept OEM/ODM orders, and if you are a new company, we can provide one-stop service from concept to design to finished glass bottles. We are very willing to talk to customers about new projects, learn your brand story, exchange detailed information about bottle design with each other, and work to create a unique product that will make it popular with market demand, win customers’ preference, and get you better performance! Choose to create a custom bottle, made to your specifications, incorporating a good image of your product, every step of the way our jingbo staff will follow up to make the product stand out in the spirits market. Idea information communication, design drawings, 3D samples, mold making, on board proofing, bottle sample confirmation, production of large shipments, a very complete process!

Quality wholesale glass bottle

Quality requirements The glass bottle should have certain performance and meet certain quality standards.
① Glass quality: pure, uniform, no sand, streaks, bubbles and other defects. Colorless glass is transparent; colored glass is uniform and stable in color and can absorb certain wavelengths of light energy.
② physical and chemical properties. It has a certain chemical stability and does not interact with the contents. It has certain shock resistance and mechanical strength, and can withstand heating and cooling processes such as cleaning and disinfection, as well as filling, storage and transportation, and can remain undamaged when encountering general internal and external stress, vibration and impact.
③Molding quality: maintain a certain volume, weight and shape, uniform wall thickness, smooth and flat mouth, ensure easy filling and good sealing. There are no defects such as deformation, uneven surface, unevenness and cracks.

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