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How to choose the most suitable glass bottle size?

The benefits of using bottles for beer packaging cannot be ignored. Bottles not only keep the flavor of the drink intact but also maintain the temperature. Unlike cans, bottles are a signature of beers because traditionally beers have always been packaged in glass bottles.

Unlike aluminum cans, which are lined with harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A, glass bottles are perfectly safe for your health. If you are a brewer who has decided to use glass bottles as the packaging, the following is some useful information on how to choose the right bottle size.

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What are the Different Beer Bottle Sizes?

In order to make an informed decision about the bottle size for your company, you need to know all the information. The following are the bear bottle sizes you can choose from.


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The term growler can be traced back to the early 1880s. Rumour has it that the name was given to the classic beer vessels because when the cap is removed, carbon dioxide rushes to the lid, and a growling sound is produced. 

Growlers are economical because they can be refilled. Growlers are also considered ecological because their reusability contributes to less waste. A bottle of growler contains 64oz of beer in it.


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A magnum is a bottle that is usually used to display the beer. It serves 50.7 oz of drink and high-end brands like Heineken are famous for using them. Magnums are famous for better carbonation and fermentation properties.


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A howler’s capacity is half of the growler’s 32oz. It is theorized that howler received its name from ‘half growler’. If growlers are too big for you, howlers should be your go-to.


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forty is a bottle that contains 40 ounces of the malt liquor. Malt liquor is a specific kind of beer made stronger with the help of sugar or corn.


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A Ballena is also known as Caguama. Caguama is largely Mexican named after a sea turtle usually found in Mexico. That is why you often see a small turtle printed under the name of the drink. The Caguama beer is sold in big bottles of 40.5 oz and is stocked by famous Mexican brands including Dos Equis and Tecate. 


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bomber is often called ‘dinner size’ because it is usually served with dinners. A bomber is considered a vernacular name for a beer bottle of 22oz. The exterior of the surface of bombers is darker than other beer bottles, so it offers better protection against UV rays. 


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In the United Kingdom, a British beer bottle is considered the standard bottle for serving beers. A 16.9 oz is the established standard in the European beer industry.

How to Choose the Right Beer Bottle Size?

Now that you know the options available to you, you should know how to make a choice. There are some factors you should consider when selecting a bottle size, the following are the details:

Consider The Industry

The first thing to consider when deciding what size bottle your brewery should use to package beer is where you plan to supply the beer. For example, if you are a local brewer and have your own pub, you can opt for longnecks. As you will be serving the beer directly to customers, longnecks small and portable size makes for an acceptable and practical choice. However, if you are a bulk-supplier who sells beer to bar owners and other such establishments, you might want to go for a bigger bottle like a Growler.

Consider The Customer

If you are not a petite brewery but a full-fledged beer-making industry who sells to the customer by supplying your beer to local shops and shopping malls, you need to consider the nature of your customer. If you are targeting college students who throw wild parties then longnecks, supplied in packs of 6 would be a good option. Your marketing team can help you profile the customers and what sizes would they be most inclined to buy.

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