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How to Package Glass Bottles?

As we all know glass bottles widely use in our daily life, but they have one feature: fragile! So how can we reduce the loss of glass bottles in international trade? Jingbo Packaging is an employee share-owned supplier of industrial packaging, meaning that we all have a vested interest in attaining your full customer satisfaction. Naturally, this includes ensuring that your goods reach your customers in pristine condition, minimising the possibility of returns or refunds hence aiding the growth of your business.

Environmental awareness is also integrated into almost all of our packaging categories with our new products always having an eco-friendly focus. This is to encourage a nationwide shift toward more sustainable methods of transporting and storing goods.

As such, our range of bottle packaging is well saturated with plastic-free, recyclable and biodegradable options to suit the eco-conscious audience of today.

1.How to Packaging for Wholesale Orders?

(1)Carton packing

24pcs in per carton;

Cardboard divider in the carton;

The carton size is according to the bottles’ size


(2)Pallet packing

5 layer in one wooden pallet;

Cardboard in per layer;

Plastic wrap around the pallet,

Pallet size: 1M x1.2M

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(3)Carton and Pallet packing

1)24pcs in per carton;

2)several cartons in one pallet;

3)Pallet size: 1M x 1.2M

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Note: Different customers choose different packaging. Most customers usually choose a pallet package, because it’s cheaper than the carton and pallet.

2.How to reduce the loss during transportation?

As we are doing wholesale business for glass bottle on the global market, so it’s very common to delivery goods by sea. The widely use is van delivery service because the container will occupy all the space of the truck and it will not loading or unloading at the transport time, so it will be safer and quickly for the direct delivery service.

When goods arrive at the port like Qingdao port, ten next steps will be to operate the goods by professional shippers they will use trailers and other tools to protect the goods are perfect.

This delivering need us to pack all step well, such as pallet packing need pack well by stretch film, ensure every pallet are very firm without any loose, so when moving the pallet all bottles are very safe and not broken.

When use carton box packing needs to choose a new carton box and a sturdy carton box, the size must be suitable for glass bottle size, when moving the carton box must be very careful to handle it, make sure every bottle is good when loading then do next step.

Please notice that not choose an old carton box, it can’t protect glass items well if reuse the carton box. So if some country far from us, it’s will make bottles broken.

When use the carton box and pallet, please fixed all well with the carton and pallet by the stretch film. It will be very convenient to deliver.


As a professional glass bottle manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with the best products and services. We strictly control every step of packaging and shipping and strive for every bottle that reaches your hand to be intact.

Should you have any further questions regarding sustainable bottle packaging, or indeed, anything else related to safely shipping or storing your products, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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